Our Nursery Department, which caters for children from three to five years old, provides a gentle transition from home to school life.

The Nursery School child can usually be picked out by the Infants teacher as a positive, enthusiastic person, already having standards. He has been encouraged in the past and goes to the primary classes eager to learn and go further.

The Nursery lays foundations in all aspects of learning activities and builds up positive attitudes for the rest of school life.
Through art, craft, music and movement and drama activities children are introduced to the basic concepts.
Language development plays an important role in the discovery and exploration of different materials and learning situations.

In the second year of the Nursery number concepts and reading skills are introduced in an atmosphere designed to produce a positive attitude towards future learning.

Children are encouraged to use our school library which consists of more than 8000 books. They are able to borrow books on a weekly basis.