The Primary department is working within the guidelines of the British National curriculum.

Strong emphasis is given to the acquisition of the basic skills, to lay foundations in all aspects of learning activities and to build up positive attitudes for the rest of school life.
A rich course of geography, history, science, art, music and drama is included in the curriculum.
All classrooms are equipped with a computer which children use to augment their studies.

Children are encouraged to use our school library which consists of more than 8000 books.
They are able to borrow books on a weekly basis and use them for reference in school.

PE takes place once a week in a nearby park.

Italian lessons begin at the age of 5 and for the first year is mainly oral. By year 2 the children start to follow the Italian curriculum using the appropriate text books, gaining a good knowledge of reading and grammar.
An optional course of geography, history and science is offered after school from year 5 on. In year 6 children also have one hour a week of mathematics in Italian to familiarise them with phraseology and methodology.